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we are not separate

by Circle of Hope Audio Art

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Nathan McGlothlin
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Nathan McGlothlin "Just as close as your body is to your body - God is here." The truth of this lyric will haunt me for the rest of my life. Favorite track: God Is Within.
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we are not, we are not, we are not separate from the earth, from each other, from the divine we are one, we are one, we are one together with the earth, with each other, with the divine
Travelers 03:00
*based on wendell berry's poem 'sabbaths 1999 VI' we are travelers on a journey headed toward the light that's burning oh, may we keep on though it may be bright and blinding looking back it shows the way we came may we keep on (chorus) let's not tarry, let's keep carrying on let's not drag our feet, let's keep moving on rising from the path we're treading light appears on hidden blessings oh, may we keep on through this beauty brightly lit our faithfulness will guide us forward oh, may we keep on keep on keeping on toward the light that's burning strong keep on, keep on keeping on
Mother God 03:25
just as a mother cannot forget the child she has bore god will not forget us our bodies come from her bone her likeness shows in our love god will not forget us (chorus) even in our bleakest hour the mother's love remains even when we turn our eyes the mother's gaze stays she cannot ignore our pain her comfort rushes in our god will not forget us she holds us close to her chest sings her song in our ear god will not forget us how deep the mother's love for us how vast beyond all measure that she would give herself to us and ask nothing in return
*based on the hafiz poem even after all this time (x3) the sun never says to the earth 'you own me, you own me, you owe me' look what a love like that does (x3) it lights up the whole world
Valleys 03:17
why does the sun go down why do the cold nights come why do we suffer so why does the rain fall on the downtrodden when they've had more than enough (chorus) we may not know but what we can do is walk with each other through the valley we'll carry, we'll carry, we'll carry we'll cary each other's burdens why don't the righteous win why does hate endure when we all want love why don't the just prevail why do oppressors rule when we all want peace
God is within (x3) God is within in our very breath in the love that swells up in our chest we need not look any further body, blood and bone God as human coming from a woman's womb to say i'm with you longing, flesh and skin God incarnate becoming just like us to say it is good just as close as your body is to your body God is here as real as a woman writhing in labor God is here
Garden 01:38
what's dead, let it die prune the branches, make way for life what's passed, let it go make room for what's new to grow what's alive, let it live tend to it with gentle hands what's green, let it thrive water it's roots, watch it bloom open your heart and pay attention don't let your garden get over grown and tangled open your heart and pay attention don't let your garden wither and lose its vibrance


These songs were written in a community of people whose conversations around life and faith lead to deep reflection within ourselves as individuals and within our larger self as one body. As we live out questions like - who is God? who am I? who are we? how do we interact with each other, the world, and the earth in a way that is rooted in love and justice? - we find that we can only move forward when are willing to stretch ourselves wide enough to see that we are all connected and everything belongs.

Who we are
We are an expression of Circle of Hope in the Philly metro. Over our first 8 years and four albums, we experimented with collaboration, technique, and discovering our voice. We operate out of a studio in one of the Circle of Hope sites to serve, train, equip, and teach.

We are experimenting with a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training leaders in our church, gifting The Body with music that helps us connect with God, and gets our church “out there” in new ways. As part of a 501(c)3 non-profit, we don’t sell anything but offer the music digitally for a donation of your choosing.


released December 17, 2021

Jeana Master Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Mike Master: Acoustic guitar
Kristen Snow: vocals
Greg Fuget: Bass
Greg Albright: Drums
Preston Cabe: Cello

All songs gifted to Circle Of hope Audio Art

Produced by Circle of Hope Audio Art
Engineered, Mixed: Joseph Mahoney
Mastered: Hans Dekline
Artwork: Dani Vasquez




Circle of Hope Audio Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Circle of Hope Audio Art is a mission team of Circle of Hope church in the Philadelphia and the metro area. We are working out a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training and edification. We are celebrating all the creativity around us and are responding to a felt need for new worship material that is creative, theologically sound, and not commercial. ... more

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