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Finding Home

by Circle of Hope Audio Art

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You Remain 04:20
G#m F#m G#m I'll wait for a whisper, i'll wait for a song F#m E I'll wait for a messenger, i'll wait all day long E You are what remains when my patience is gone F#m When faith, hope, and love don't seem to hold strong A E When the whisper is weak and no song can be sung E You are what remains when I can't hear or see F#m When the silence is piercing and the darkness is deep A E You remain, You remain, You remain, You remain, You remain
Bm My soul finds rest in You alone, Em D Bm In You alone, my soul finds rest (repeat) Em D Bm You are my fortress and my rock (repeat) Em Bm That will never be moved (repeat) Bm E Bm I rest in Your walls, You are my refuge, Bm E Bm My strength and my rock, I trust in You. I pour out my heart to You, oh Lord, To You, oh Lord, I pour out my heart (repeat) Salvation comes from You alone, From You alone, Salvation comes (repeat)
Here are most of the lyrics, in a slightly earlier form In search of men. Ages 18-48 That may resemble a “militant” Why are you here? I thought it was to help Join the fight against ISIS, against terrorism Whom are pushing people into exile for refusal to be Their faith. The creativity to be a refuge & fighter of the “free world” As you say, Is lacking and only gravitates towards Maintaining the status of Violence. There are 40,000 people hiding in the mountains for their lives. How dare you impose your system of violence When our leaders insist you to stop, stating “The use of drones is not only a continual violation of our territorial integrity but also detrimental to our resolve & efforts at eliminating terrorism in our country” Another states, “These drones are illegal, in humane violate the UN Charter of Human Rights And constitutes as a War Crime. “ And all you can do is “disagree” from the mouths of pride & disillusioned power contending “that the attacks do not violate international law (people in the audience start Buzzing..) We call them “Bangadan”..buzzing of a bee The hover All day. Louder at night. No war declared but you bomb my people… I hold my babies tight And hope we will see tomorrow together.. I hear the wailing of a monther, my neighbor Lost their baby before their eyes. All dust. No warning. Wailing all day. Louder at night. Tears find their home on my cheek. Praying for my children, these precious souls That birthed from my womb.. (stop buzzing..) Will there ever be peace? Will this madness never end? The anxiety, the fear, the nightmares Bzzzz… “No identities needed, Vaguries around strike targets” common English reports state. 2500 of my people have been blown to die from these buzzing drones that have no face. To stand on a mountain Pointing guns & lazers Bizzz Bzz.. Grinning, “you…weak one will fear me” You.. hide when you hear me” Because Fear to this American militarized self seeking puppet Is the fuel that Cycles poverty Cycles barbarism against those Of the brown skin. Old news, are you familiar? Oh right, the American educational system and media neglect to educate The truth of this madness, disgust, thick, Stains of this lands forefarthers, big business owners… Or as Ida B Wells states in the 19th century, “They belong to the race which holds Negro life cheap, which owns the telegraph wires, newspapers, and all other communication with the outside world. They write the reports which justify lynching by painting the Negro as black as possible, and those reports are accepted by the press associations and the world without question or investigation. The sheriffs, police, and state officials stand by and see the work done well in the broad day light.” Oh! Ida B Wells. You had somethin goin on.. After 9/11 Fear has pushed the people To accept ridiculous laws of control Power in the hands of the government Dictating Who is suspicious Whose rights get torn away, Private prisons of torture, Radicalization of violence All for the “Fight of Terror” precise and affective.” First: Who are you to be a judge of international law/ethics/morals? Rooted in a history of barbarism, greed, debt enslaving countries Of familes Lynching stilling alive on your “God given blood stained soil” Second: If you are as affective as stated. Why for every 1 “suspected” militant 10 innocent mothers, daughters, fathers, sons are killed Deciding morality and viability of these Destructive tactics using statistcs is empty and corrupt When human lives are your quantitive data Or, lets use a more detached phrase of “causalities” These cycles of violence. A “necessary evil” Sewed into the deepest muck of Racism this land of laws has ever known. System based on fear. Fear of the unknown Un-colonized Un-English Un-White So How ‘bout we adjust our view of what profit could actually mean. What if maintaining the status of profit is actually Maintaining the braid of families, children, culture, and hope. Profit driven by a chain of hands Linking in the presence of injustice. Rooted in Jesus. If you ask what the people want of Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia They sing that of the same note. “No more killing of our people No more funerals of our mothers, daughters, fathers, sons..” Hear our wail All day. Louder at night. May our voice be heard And the bows of the wicked broken. Her our wail Mother Justice of the great deep Father Refuge in the shadow of your wings.. Hear our wail.. And hope we will see tomorrow together.. Bzzzz…. Bzzz… We call them Bangadan Buzzing of a bee All for the “Fight of Terror” “If everthing is Terrorism, nothing is terrorism,” states former FBI Special Agent “[the watchlist system] is reviving out of control” Now is the time to rid ourselves of this old foundation, The leaders of this country As the “Defenders of the Free World” As the leaders of Greed, Racism, Profit, and Civilization. Now is the time to Adapt a new foundation Rooted in those of the Resistors, the Martyrs Who voice forgiveness, compassion, peace Who voice the cry of the needy The cry of the oppressed How can we be a part of the solution before Tension escalates to wildness and blood? Yes, Peace isn’t profitable …especially in a country governed by the big business of weaponry. However, an old saying goes “There is future for the men & women of peace & their children will be blessed But the future of the wicked will be cut off”
I will Wait 03:07
F# C# D#m B I will wait, I will wait, I will wait, for you F# C# A#m B I will wait, I will wait, I will wait, for you F# In the cold, In the sun C# F# In my past that’s already done A#m B In my hope, in my doubt G#m C# In the stillness, I’m without Feeling heavy, feeling loss Feeling burdened for my cause I’ll look for mercy from you my friend And I will wait for you again
Me Salvaste 03:35
E B E Me salvaste en mis luchas A C#m B Me salvaste, me salvaste E B E Me salvaste en mis luchas A B E Me salvaste, me liberaste Last time only A B E Me fortalezaste, me iluminaste Verse: E B E Estaba viviendo en infierno F#m7 E B7 Vivir sin ti es así A C#m Estaba viviendo pesadilla E B E Hasta que me despertaste Bridge: E Te lo debo todo B Me salvaste del oscuro A C#m Eres luz de mi vida E B E Nunca quiero perderte Translation from Spanish: You saved me in my struggles You saved me, you saved me You saved me in my struggles You saved me, you freed me You strengthened me, you illuminated me I was living in hell Living without you is like that I was living a nightmare Until you woke me up Bridge: I owe you everything You saved me from the dark You are the light of my life I never want to lose you
Broomstick 02:13
He in I, I in Him, We spoke of the future. We talked about how someday soon Google specs will be planted in our eyes and Beats headphones will be planted in our ears so that instead of experiencing the world around us, We'll experience our own little virtual realities. As a kid growing up in North Philly I didn't have the luxury of this technology So when I was young I had to train my brain to reframe what I see. See, I was determined to get as much joy out of this life that I could. So whereas you might come and see a vacant lot with weeds taller than me, I saw as a jungle, waiting to be explored. And this broomstick that I found is the MACHETE that I would use to clear a path. To this day I'm still reframing the world around me. To this day I'm still clearing paths through the jungle. Do you want to join me? Go grab yourself a broomstick!
Luke 7 04:59
C Em Rise up, O flame: C Am G By thy light burn-ing, C Em D Show to us beau-ty, Am D Wisdom and truth Am Em Send away fear C Am G Send away darkness C G In perfect love C D In perfect light C Em Rise up, Lord Jesus C Am G By Thy Life burn-ing C Em D Show to us Beau-ty Am D Wisdom and Truth Am Em Send away death C Am G Send away sorrow C G With Resur-rection Am D Bringing new Life


Who we are
We are an expression of Circle of Hope in the Philly metro. In 2012 we moved according to the desire to codify some of the songs we compose and learn for worship through quality recordings. Our process grew over the first two albums and developed into the third we’re thrilled to be releasing now.

We are experimenting with a missional process of recording and distributing Jesus worship music as a tool for training leaders. We intentionally try to get this music out there in ways beyond the norms of commercial Christian music. As part of a 501(c)3 non-profit, we don’t sell anything but offer the music digitally and printed cds with booklets for donation. By doing so, we hope to build up the body of Christ, get Circle of Hope to new places, and use them as opportunities for people to give tax deductible donations (and say hi!!) if they like what we’re doing.

What we trying to do now
“Finding Home” describes part of the spiritual journey that we are all on. We are working through our own sense of limits, mistakes, alienation, and brokenness as well as that of our society. Like our friend Cheryl Bear says, we are trying to be Good Story-tellers. We are weaving a narrative through the worship music and poetry we write. The Good Story is God working in each of us and in us collectively calling for creative expression and inspires us to worship. We are being formed into this family with Jesus on a redemptive mission powered by the Holy Spirit.

For direction on this album, we polled our church on which songs we should try to record. We offer the top six tunes as well as a new one and two poetic offerings that could be likened to Psalms. We tried to keep the songs in singable keys for a congregation, not according to the featured singers. We include the chords, lyrics, explanations for how to use the songs, and some origin stories with the intention of making worshipping Jesus more accessible.

We used the ACTS prayer concept to mark the flow of this record: The tracks loosely flow along according to Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (making requests). We hope from wherever you are in your journey towards a fuller lived reality with Jesus, creation, and God’s people that you can be encouraged by the honesty, authenticity, and love that went into this album.

We set this record in a surreal space, between what you might hear at one of our Sunday meetings and a cabin on a lake yet pulsing with the Holy Spirit’s creative bursts. We are trying to get at the liminality of our moment in time, not being certain of where exactly society is taking us or our role in shaping it - yet needing to make courageous and creative steps with the the Spirit. We need to stay at home with Jesus to know who we truly are and where we’re headed together.


released December 4, 2015

Thank Yous
As an expression of Circle of Hope, we know that we can't represent everyone as well as we'd like. Still, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to the leaders, covenant keepers, and partners as well as the partners we're going to make. We hope this tool is a blessing to you. Even as our team develops and grows, over two dozen people from all four of our congregations made contributions to this project. A huge thanks also to Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog for mastering, Brooke Sexton, special guest artists Steve REAL HAMMOND organ Adire from
FUNK FACTORY RECORDING , HENDERSON NEVADA) and Stephen Robbins (drums), Cameron DeWhitt (group vocal arranging & directing), Croatan Studios, Michael Heneghan (cover art), Tianna Blair (layout/design), and Matt Sowell.




Circle of Hope Audio Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Circle of Hope Audio Art is a mission team of Circle of Hope church in the Philadelphia and the metro area. We are working out a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training and edification. We are celebrating all the creativity around us and are responding to a felt need for new worship material that is creative, theologically sound, and not commercial. ... more

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