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Rise up, O Flame

from by Circle of Hope Audio Art

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In understanding our relationship to Jesus, we ask...

This song was written for Easter Sunday. Mariko had just observed and experienced my very first Lent and the winter darkness and the struggle of that season had her “aching for light and spring.” Part of her struggle of waiting in the darkness had to do with being pregnant with the Snook’s first baby, who was a big surprise, and she felt both joy and newness mixed with self-doubt and anxiety. A tiny verse on page 31 of the book Glimpses of Heaven - Poems and Prayers of Mystery and Wonder, written and compiled by Lois Rock resonated with the longing in the dark season of Lent.
"Rise up, O flame: By thy light burning, Show to us beauty, Wisdom and truth. - Christoph Praetorius (c. 1600)"

Jesus is the flame. Fear is cast out by perfect love, darkness is dissolved in Light, Jesus defeated death with his resurrection, and sorrow is healed through this new Life.
We would not be able to exist in fear if we truly received the Love in which God holds us.
This song can act like a guided prayer; sober, solemn, and hopefully asking Jesus to rise up and cast away all the darkness.


C Em
Rise up, O flame:
C Am G
By thy light burn-ing,
C Em D
Show to us beau-ty,
Am D
Wisdom and truth

Am Em
Send away fear
C Am G
Send away darkness
In perfect love
In perfect light

C Em
Rise up, Lord Jesus
C Am G
By Thy Life burn-ing
C Em D
Show to us Beau-ty
Am D
Wisdom and Truth

Am Em
Send away death
C Am G
Send away sorrow
With Resur-rection
Am D
Bringing new Life


from Finding Home, released December 4, 2015




Circle of hope Audio Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Circle of Hope Audio Art is a Non-profit mission team. We live in Philadelphia and the metro area .We are trying a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training and edification. We are celebrating all the creativity around us and are responding to a felt need for new worship material that is creative, theologically sound, and not commercial. ... more

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