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Patiently Impatient

by Circle of Hope Audio Art

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D G D Nitamwimbia Bwana, I will sing to Jesus A D Kwa kuwa yeye ameniona Because He has seen me G D A D G D A D Ameniona, Ameniona. Ameniona, Ameniona. He has seen me Nitamrukia Bwana - I am going to jump for Him Nitamchezea Bwana - I will dance for Him Nitamsifu Bwana- I will glorify Him Nitamtangaza Bwana - I will tell others about Him Nitabariki Bwana - I will bless Him Swahili
Dsus7 Help us, Lord, our Savior Gsus G Dsus7 For the glory of Your Name Dsus7 Deliver us and forgive us. Gsus G Dsus7 Hallelujah Dsus7 G Dsus7 Jesus, You’re the Shepherd Ab(#11) We are Your wandering flock Dsus7 G Dsus7 Gsus G Dsus7 Will You come collect us? Jesus, You’re the Farmer We are Your rocky soil. Will You come and till us? Jesus, You’re the Potter We are Your supple clay. Will You come and shape us?
D The whole earth is full of the glory of God! A D The whole earth is full of the glory of God! D And my hands are open, and my feet are bare, A D And my heart is hoping, make my life a prayer. Feed us with your soil, as we mold and bend, Freed from sin and toil, root us in again. Give us eyes to see you, bring your fire and wind! In ourselves and others, only You again. And I feel like a newborn, naked, alive, Tasting and seeing the world with new eyes! Thanks to all before us, yes to what will come, Ocean’s raging chorus, sings “Thy will be done!”
Wait for You 04:34
Am C Out of the depths we’ve cried for You, Dm G o Lord, Hear our voice Am C Let Your ears be turned to us Dm G Hear our cry for mercy Am We wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for you Em Dm More than the watchman waits for the morning Am C Thank You for forgiving us Dm G We will put our hope in You Am C Trusting Your unfailing love Dm G In You we are redeemed C Dm Deep in our hearts we know it’s true Am G That in You we are redeemed
Psalm 23 Em C You're our shepherd, You're our light. D B/D# Em You're our path to all that's right. Em C You're our comfort, You're our calm D Em Your quiet waters, lead us home Em D And Your goodness will follow us C D Em We have nothing to fear Em C When there's evil, when it's dark D B/D# Em In the valley of our hearts Em C You are with us, even there D Em You surround us with tender care Em C You indulge us when we're hungry D B/D# Em In the midst of all our fight Em C And though we think our cup is empty D Em It overflows with Your sweet wine
The Delaware 02:57
Close your eyes. Listen to the breeze, The way the wind pushes the river to keep going. Stillness of existence, all the details. Can it be this simple? Yea, there are a lot of problems breathing today, So many. And it can be exhausting to carry. But maybe.. It may start simple. To love and forgive. Experiencing wholeness by letting go. Listening where god is moving, and float in the current. Let go of expectation, of the desire to be right, having everything in its right place. Let go of “you.” This center of constant pleasure. This ticking time bomb that restrains us from growing into newness. Restrains us from being active fruit caring for others around us. Am I happy now? Do I love you now? When can I escape this so I can be filled the sandy love that is rooted in me?
Hallelu 03:20
Em G D Kho-ob zana kafa fana Am C Em/B B7 A-atena al yaoum (Give us this day our daily bread) Em G D Hallelu Hallelu Yesua, Yahweh Am C Em/B B7 Hallelu Hallelu Yesua, Yahweh Al-'Awwal, Al-'Awwal, Al-'Awwal Yahweh (The First, Beginning-less) Al-Khaliq, Al-Khaliq Al-Khaliq, Yahweh (The Creator) As-Salaam, As-Salaam, As-Salaam, Yahweh (The Peace) Al-'Akhir, Al-'Akhir, Al-'Akhir Yahweh (The Last, Endless)
Gbm/Db DbMaj7 GbMaj7 Db7 Show me Your way, teach me the cross Ab/C Bbm7 Eb7 Ebm7 Ab7 To pour out my life for the broken and lost GbMaj7 Db7 Bind up my pain, my fears and scars, too Ab/C Bbm7 GbMaj7 Ab7 Turn them to Love and service for You Gbm/Db DbMaj7 Ab/C Bbm7 F7 Eb7/G Ab7 Adim7 Take who I am, Lord. Lead me to Life Bbm7 Eb7 Ebm7 Ab7 Show me Your face in temptation and strife F7/A Bbm7 Eb7 Let me be lowly, so tried and so true Ebm7. GbMaj7 Point me towards hope, Lord, Ab7 Gbm/Db DbMaj7 and service for You Take my desires and make them be Yours Let me bring justice and hope for the poor Let me bring Light, Lord to all that I do Help me die daily and live only for You
Ocean 04:13
D A Bm G D A Bm G Jesu, guidance. Now I know what love is D A Bm G D A D Compass, Kindness, all that I need in You Bm G D A Bm G D A I will sit in silence and contemplate the things I don’t know Bm G D A D A Bm As You swim in silence, the ocean of my soul D A Bm G D A D the ocean of my soul, the ocean of my soul Jesu, lightness, now I know what life is Center, Likeness, all that I see is You I will sing in silence and contemplate the things I can’t know As You swim in silence, the ocean of my soul
This is a simple monk song. It is best when sung quietly as a centering activity in a group, perhaps walking. It can be used as a breath prayer. When you listen to it: Breathe in deeply (Restore us, O God) Breathe it all out (Almighty) Breathe in deeply and hold it (Make your face shine upon us) Breathe it all out (and give us peace) A G A Restore us, O God Almighty Bm DBm A Make Your face shine upon us G Bm A
A Hakuna Mungu kama Wewe - There is no God like You D E Hakuna Mungu kama Wewe A F#m Hakuna Mungu kama Wewe D E-A Wewe Mungu wangu - You are my God Tunasema Asante We are saying thank You Tunasema Hosanna We are saying Hosanna [save, now!] Wewe ni Alpha na Omega You are the Alpha and Omega Wewe ni Mwanzo na mwisho You are the beginning and the end Nasema asante I am saying thank You
A A/C# D Come Rescue Me, be my retreat F#m E I feel alone, darkness seems strong C/E D I need Your touch, Your promise of peace F#m-E-A Hope for my weary eyes. E A For all who cry out,"Show me the way!" F#m B E I've seen Your Love, mighty to save. E/D A/C# D You are the Light,life to these bones, F#m E A I am Your child, You rescue me.
Oh, Mary 03:12
Waiting wait.. wait, wait, wait.. In the moments of growth In the moments of pain, discomfort, Body disfiguration, tired anxious mind Wait.. The hope of birth keeps smiling through This won't be forever. Concentrate on breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Concentrate on breath.. When will this end? Rest. Concentrate on breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. The hills of expanding on the edge of explosion As if blowing tight air in a closed steel ball. Release Over. And. Over.. Am I just a vessel to display the glory Misery and pain waiting to be ended by mud to my eyes? What, in 50-70 years? In the next generation? Release. What about me now? Who will love me? Who will tend my wounds? Hold me? Protect me? Release. Remember the birds that neither sow nor weep The flowers that do not labor nor spin. Remember, remember.. anyone who loves will be loved and be made home. Release. We get lost in i i i i. Like a ball of grey, dusty gas, Nats surrounding, marketing to us Holding the sickles of our past That create a black film over each beauty of being needed, appreciated, desired, loved.. Release. But there are flowers to the left Blossoming. We can't even nod to a little blessing Swimming in our own mess, depress Repeat Hurting others, hurting ourselves Repeat Because that is somewhat controllable Control! Control! Is this the rest of my life? Let go Open The face of your mystery child sees you, you see for the first time. The world. everything. disappears. But this child. More wild than your thoughts could have ever reached. Wow.
F C7 Al día siguiente Juan vio F A Jesús que venía hacia él Bb Bbm C7 Y dijo Allí está el Cordero de Dios F F7 Que quita el pecado del mundo The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him And said, “There is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.” Bb F En el desierto, hay una voz que proclama C7 F F7 ¡Abran el camino del Señor! Bb F C/E Dm Entonces se revelará la gloria C7 F ¡Abran el camino del Señor! In the desert, a voice cries out “Clear the way of the Lord!” Then he will reveal His glory Clear the way of the Lord! Este es Aquél de quien yo dije Después de mí viene un hombre Uno que es tan superior de mi Porque El existia tan antes, de yo This is He, of whom I said “After me will come a man One who is much greater than I Because he existed long before I.
Make a Way 03:43
Am Make a way Am For the Lord. Am Em Make a way for the Lord, Am Oh, my soul. C G Am Clear a way through the wilderness for the Lord. C G Am Make a way through the wasteland for our God.
Breathe in deeply (According) Breathe it all out (to the grace, to the grace) Breathe in deeply and hold it (given to each of us) Breathe it all out (work out, work out) Breathe in deeply and hold it (passionate service through all) Breathe it all out (of us) Dm C Dm F Dm C Dm According to the grace, to the grace, given to each of us. F Dm Gm Bb C Dm Work out, work out, passionate service through all of us.
Am C Em Not to us Lord, not to us G But to Your name all praise Am C Em G All of the earth speaks of Your love Am C Em From sun and moon and shining stars G From highest heaven Am C Em G Sing to the Lord a new song F Sound and noise, mountains and valleys G Note and voice, kings and all peoples Am C All Rejoice… all Rejoice


About this Album
We chose “Patiently Impatient” inspired by our Cell Multiplication Plan - “We are patiently impatient to embody what God has in mind for now.” Many of the themes of the album are around that almost paradoxical state of expectantly waiting and preparing a place for Jesus to come and live. It’s winter and cold in our region as we finished up on the final days of Advent. We’ve digitally released it the day after Christmas. We are making plans to print cds with full booklets soon. Over 50 musicians from all four of our congregations and a dozen songwriters

Why We are Trying This Experiment?
We have written over 100 songs and regularly share with people from across the world as learners. We’ve been asked by our friends outside our region for resources to use and this is part of our response. No one is making any money from our group. The writing, the performing, organizing, engineering, producing, and the mixing have all been done “in house” out of love. Our biggest expense to date has been the rent as we’ve maintained a studio space over the past year. We hope to make regular contributions to the Church’s journey in creativity and imagination, this is our second release.


released December 26, 2013

All songs recorded. produced, and mixed by The Circle of Hope Audio Art team. In Philadelphia Pa,

All songs written By Circle of Hope Audio Art except*
* Ameniona (traditional)
*Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe (traditional)
* The Whole Earth is Full of the Glory of God (Seth Martin) sethmartinandthemenders.bandcamp.com

Who We Are ?
Circle of Hope Audio Art is a mission team of Circle of Hope (circleofhope.net) in Philadelphia and the metro. Forming began in early 2012 when Joseph took the reins to record some of our original worship songs for training leaders and sharing more broadly. Last June we released our debut album “Resist & Restore: Spring 2013 digitally and then printed cds in December.
We are developing a missional process of writing, recording, and distributing original and transcultural worship music as a tool for training, edification, and getting Circle of Hope into new places. We are facilitating a process for creating quality audio recordings of songs that our church uses for worship as a resource for our Public Meeting Design Teams as well as other interested people. We want to distribute the recordings in a way that does not succumb to the norms of the music industry–Christian or not–but promotes Kingdom entrepreneurship and good storytelling.

Thanks to Michael Heneghan (michaelpheneghan.com) for illustrations,
Hans Dekline at Sound Bites Dog (soundbitesdog.com) for mastering, and Stephen Ardire for Hammond organ on "Show me Your way"

We are grateful for all of Creation and for this unique local expression of the church known as Circle of Hope. Thanks be to God and to the people from all four of our congregations for participating in making this recording - whether it’s playing, singing, praying, encouraging, or constructive criticism.

More Worship Resources
Most of our congregations worship in three languages each week. Much of the music does not have accessible recordings for sharing and teaching. Here are some musicians and ministries that we are connected to, trying to use their music (with permission) in a good way.
We highly recommend you check out these friends of ours.
Broken Walls brokenwalls.com Led by Jonathan Maracle (Mohawk): many of their songs are based on First Nations’ instruments, melodies, and languages worshiping Jesus.
Aradhna http:aradhnamusic.com Led by Chris Hale and Pete Hicks (born, raised, and/or trained in Nepal and India): Jesus-centered, contextually Hindustani music with Western cross-pollination.
Cheryl Bear cherylbear.com A songwriter, author, and pastor from the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation (Northern British Columbia): songs are in English First People’s languages as well as vocables.
Our worship leaders have found the work of these folks useful, too.
Heart Sounds International heart-sounds.org A worldwide hub for worship music mean for places where Christ’s followers are restricted.
Taizé Community taize.fr The monastic chants in multiple languages are really useful.
Kampala Ministry kampalaministry.wordpress.com The defunct website for a very influential resource from our Central and East African sisters and broth- ers in Uganda. They streamed music and included lyrics and translations for a few dozen songs that we have found transformative.
Soweto Gospel Choir sowetogospelchoir.com The 30+ member choir brings together elements of their South African gospel with others from the Diaspora.




Circle of Hope Audio Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Circle of Hope Audio Art is a mission team of Circle of Hope church in the Philadelphia and the metro area. We are working out a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training and edification. We are celebrating all the creativity around us and are responding to a felt need for new worship material that is creative, theologically sound, and not commercial. ... more

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